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Migos Feat. Polo G – Malibu Lyrics

Migos Feat. Polo G – Malibu Lyrics

Malibu Song Details:

Song- Malibu
Artist- Migos
Featuring- Polo G
Album- Culture III
Release Date- June 11, 2021

Migos Feat. Polo G – Malibu (Official Audio):

Migos Feat. Polo G “Malibu ” Lyrics:

[Intro: Offset]
Buss down, y’know what I’m sayin’
(Producer Tag: Poo You A Fool For This One)

[Chorus: Offset]
I bought me a drop (drop)
I’m switchin’ out hoes and thots (switch out the thots)
I Richie’d the watch (Richie)
I made me an M on the spot (M on the spot)
I took 25 hoes in Malibu on my yacht (25 hoes)
I got 25 M’s in the bank, no cap, no lie (certified)
[Verse: Offset]
Run up an M, ain’t tripping (run it up)
Chrome Hearts cross, I’m Christian (Chrome Hearts)
Sippin’ on dirt, no whiskey (dirt)
Bought me a spurt, big Bentley (spurt)
I’m from the Nawf, put a hole in your boss
And then call me a lil’ bitty 50 (50 ball)
I bought a ‘Cat with a wide body back
Take it out to burn out, and go fishing (skrrt, hey)

[Verse: Polo G]
You did this shit with handouts, it wasn’t no help
If you think I’d cross, and take my mans out, just killed so
In the trenches, 40 on my hip, I had to fix my belt
Can’t listen to critics, ‘cause they can’t relate to shit I felt
Chrome Hearts, Fendi prints, shopping sprees, expensive shit
Hennesy, she getting lit, hoes in three’s, splitting dick
Six deep in Suburbans, totin’ felonies, we with this shit
Catch a op, get the stick, bodies drop, flip the switch
Hit Rodeo, splurgin’, fuck a price tag, we rich as shit
Drip so hard on purpose, diamonds no flaws, make niggas sick
In that two-door swervin’, screamin’ fuck ‘em all, ‘cause niggas switched
Just better not be lurkin’, cause this 40 glock, gon’ give ‘em kiss

[Chorus: Offset]

[Verse: Offset]
I’m fresh out the kitchen (hey)
My watch is 350
The glock hold a 50
The mafia sticky (let’s get it)
The paperwork says that you snitchin’ (rat)’
I call him like listen, an extra 250 (bought him)
He stankin’, somebody shitted (stank)
He a demon at heart, so he wit’ it (demon)
He gon’ blank on the Percocet, kill him (blank)
Gotta pay me five M, that’s the minimum (five)
Green emerald Patek, it’s limited (Patek)
My stick is dramatic, it’s critical (dramatic)
I roll up the Gary with Cereal (Gary)
Big Cullinan, orange interior (Cullinan)
You know that my gang ain’t goin’ (whoo)
Fuck cash, got rent on my arm (ow)
Door dash, we come out, we gone (boom)
He dead in the street, call the coroner (dead)
Young nigga playin’ for keep (keeps)
Step on the ops and we rock ‘em to sleep (step on them)
I pop a Xan to sleep
I’m really wishing my man could breathe (my mans)
It’s only the man and me
God forgive me, this man deceased (God)
We’ll cut off your hands, come see me (hey)
We score on the ops by 3

[Chorus: Offset]

[Verse: Quavo]
Wide body spinnin’
Come out of the dealer (soo)
Look at your boy
Not your average nigga (nah)
Who on the mound?
It’s Quavo, the pitcher
I’m pitching out bullets
That chopper don’t miss (bow, bow, bow)
I don’t even fuck wit’ ya bitch ass nigga (no)
Out the basement but the gang ain’t tippin’
Left hand shot from the top like who? (who?)
Left hand shot from the top like Fisher
Hold that chopper on my shoulder like a Fendi belt (yeah)
Two point five, all this jewelry
Stand to close, you’ll freeze to death (freeze)
This lil’ bitch vision blurry
So she can’t even see herself (nah)
Suckin’ dick and flying Spirit
Baby you need to free yourself (free)
It’s a phone number
What you seeing in that digi scale (yes)
Take the shake, that’s the bait
Finesse em’, then we outta there (yeah)
State to state, we created, all kind of clientele (yeah)
You know we great, can’t debate, the generation we all created

[Chorus: Offset]

[Verse: Takeoff)
I got 25 plus in the bank, no goddamn lie (M&M’s)
Don’t talk about the stash, but you know I brag, a nigga end up, he gon’ die (bow)
Hit in the eye (brrr, brrr), hit with the fire
in the kitchen, while counting my chicken
I put my wrist in and I’m breaking the pot
Movin’ the dope, can’t break in the spot (move)
I hit the lot and I leave with a lot
Stop by the block and I sold me a block (serve)
I poured a drop, I was sitting in a drop (drink)
Back in the day, blew the bag on a thot
Now we investing, watches and stock (hot)
How the fuck that shit cost a ticket, I don’t see ice in that watch? (where?)
I done been rich like Roddy, all of my niggas will send you the box (where?)
I got the stick, ops
I told you that we gon’ make it like the LOX (I told you)
I can’t kick it with the ops (no)
We never went missing, we just were chilling watching niggas all from the top (look at em’)
I know that I’m great, so give me my props

[Chorus: Offset & Takeoff]


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