Hawthorne Heights – Seafoam Lyrics

Hawthorne Heights – Seafoam Lyrics

Hawthorne Heights – Seafoam Lyrics

Song- Seafoam
Artist- Hawthorne Heights
Album- The Rain Just Follows Me
Featuring- William Ryan Key
Release Date- September 10, 2021

Hawthorne Heights “Seafoam” (ft. William Ryan Key)

“Seafoam” lyrics:

Let’s die in the golden sun, let the UV rays boil our bones
Drain the crimson from my veins
I wanna bleed seafoam green

Dear god where did you go
You left me all alone in Ohio
Paint my skin shoreline gold
It’s too cold, too cold for me

I’m so tired of wearing my heart on my sleeve
I’ve tried to be the best version of me
Sorry to say I’m wasting away
and I just want to stare at the sun

I remember everything, the way the sunlit sorrow used to sing
Ventura summers kissed my cheeks
You’ll shine like diamonds in my memories

I’m traveling distance and sleeping more sound
Up from this hollow I’ll dig myself out
I’m taking my first steps away from the past
And these imperfections are all that I have